When you meet our knowledgeable and professional team, check out our list of references, and visit active home building sites, we think you will agree that CityLife Homes is the right builder for you.  Get a good feel for who we are and what we can do for you by giving us a call today!


Check out our list of Basic Questions to Ask Builders.  You can print it and use it when you meet each builder.  Then see how CityLife Homes compares and checks every box.

ask QUESTIONS OF every builder you interview.

The most important thing you can do in the entire building process is to carefully scrutinize each builder you interview.  We invite and encourage you to do the same with CityLife Homes.  Ask us the tough questions, check out our references, and visit our current construction sites.  Contact us to get started!

CityLife Homes “Checks EVERY Box”

1. Citylife Homes Carries insurance ✅

CityLife Homes carries all insurance necessary to protect both the homeowner and CityLife Homes in case an unusual circumstance arises, including Builder’s Risk, General Liability, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

2. We’ve been in business since 2003. ✅

CityLife Homes has been a custom home builder and remodeler since our incorporation in 2003.  Of course, our team has many more years of experience before the company was formally established.

3. We Know Houston’s Neighborhoods ✅

CityLife Homes has experience in all six of the Memorial Villages, Bellaire, Meyerland, and the City of Houston.

4. Our Team Stays up to date on techniques and technologies ✅

CityLife Homes job superintendents routinely attend continuing education courses that allow them to keep up with the latest industry standards and practices.

5. We use clear, standardized contracts ✅

CityLife Homes uses the standardized Texas Association of Builders contracts and you will know what to expect when building with us.  And we have adaptable payment policies whether using a bank or paying cash for your project.

6. We limit how many simultaneous jobs we do ✅

CityLife Homes only takes on new clients when our current volume of projects allows us to provide the highest quality of service.  If we’re too busy to take on your home, we’ll tell you.

7. We want you to visit our construction sites ✅

CityLife Homes is very proud of how we run each and every construction site.  We welcome you to visit any of our active sites.  Just give us a call and we’ll give you a tour!

8. Getting a Gut Feeling about citylife homes ✅

After you meet with our professional team, check our references, and visit our sites, we think you’ll find CityLife Homes is the right choice for your home building project.

Active Member of GHBA & TAB


Greater Houston Builder’s Association

CityLife Homes joined the GHBA in 2007 and is currently represented on the Board of Directors of the Custom Home Builder’s Council which serves the local community and provides the other members of the GHBA with the knowledge necessary to become better builders.


Texas Association of Builders

CityLife Homes has been a member of the Texas Association of Builders since 2007.



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